The SPOT product guarantees you a secure environment. The trading strategy on your trading account is carried out by experienced traders with the support of professional analysts and consultants in the segment of market research and analysis, risk management, statistics, combinatorics and informatics through a strictly regulated market operator Broker. All relations are governed by a tripartite agreement. Thus, we ensure 24/7 monitoring of your investments, 365 days a year. Such a system allows you the greatest possible protection according to international financial standards.

Security is ensured through the use of electronic trading tools (stop loss, take profit, trailing stop) and a number of security mechanisms:

The maximum allowable minus of each currency trade is 3%
At the same time, no more than 20% of the capital may be used for trading; at least 80% must be maintained
In case of loss amounting to -28%, trading is halted

With the license and the full protection of the regulatory system, you are guaranteed 100% transparent conditions for participation in the currency market.



Individual trading account
24/7 access
Live trade monitoring
Daily trading report from the platform


The profit achieved by spot currency trading businesses concluded by a natural person who is not engaged in activities is not subject to taxation according to ZDDOIFI (Law on tax on profit from disposal of derivatives), and it is not subject to taxation under Paragraph III.6. 3 (Capital gains) of the Law on Personal Income Tax – Zdoh-2.

Under the Law on Markets in Financial Instruments, spot currency trading businesses are not Financial instruments, and therefore they are not subject to the supervision of the Securities Market Agency.

Source: FURS (Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia), dated 15th January 2015