Basic Accounting – specialized in Business and Personal Accounting and Bookkeping services
We offer our clients: calculation of payroll and payroll taxes; report payroll and payroll taxes; report payroll quarterly and anually; reconcile bank statements; prepare profit and loss statements and balance sheets; pay bills; enter clients invoices and payments; review your bookkeping (monthly/quarterly/annually).

CREDIT RATING – analyzing companies financial statements, capital structures, credit worthiness.
We offer our clients: reading financial briefings; assessing, analyzing and intepreting complicated financial information; undertaking risk analysis by developing statistical models; using credit-scoring systems for small credit amounts (such as small unsecured personal loans); keeping knowledge of key issues up-to date (legal, market risk and compliance issues).

CRYPTO ADVISORY – an advisory team with a global group in the following regions: UK, Australia, Slovenia, Malta, Romania, Switzerland.
We offer our clients: ICO Advisory, ICO Governance, ICO Escrow, ICO Marketing, ICO Benchmarking, Transition implementation, Access Capital, Token Mechanics.

MANAGED ACCOUNTS – our services and the Website are not, do not offer, and shall not be construed as investment or financial products/services, our Website is offering a software application for portfolio management of Crypto Currencies. We offer our clients a simple to use Dashboard, with simplicity at the core of the platform our community can select or swap a strategy with one click.

»Quality is not an act, it is a habit«

(By: Aristotel)