What is a Cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency (Cryptographic Currency) is the term used to describe digital currencies which utilize Cryptography to secure payment networks and transactions. It is a form of digital money designed to be secure and, in many cases, anonymous. The first and still the largest cryptocurrency is Bitcoin created in 2009. For years, up until 2017, Bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency available on the market, but since then new platforms were introduced and a true cryptorevolution began. Bitcoin still holds almost 60% of the total market capitalization, but other platforms and protocols are gaining ground as more and more projects are launched.

What are Dapps?
Dapps or Decentralized applications are open source applications that work on blockchain technology. These can connect the user and the service providers directly. These application does not need any third party contracts. Dapps has to be open source i.e. the source code should be available to all and has to generate Tokens or digital coins to power itself.

SPOT platform
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